Meditation Journal – Day 38

Vipassana Meditation Day 38

am 1hr

After two Christmasy days of shorter sits and a relaxed slobbing out, it’s back to the cushion. The days of entertainment and good company have allowed some kind of integration to take place of all the inner work of the last month and more, just being myself in front of the TV, during meals and conversations. On the cushion, a sense of familiarity and a quickening peacefulness in the corner of the bedroom used for nothing else. Even when sitting for 20 minutes or less I noticed it.

Right hand went like a claw, later stretched out, starfish fingers. In the claw, deep working into each knuckle. Some nausea from richer foods of late. Face contorting. In the extremities of expression I am that expression, it’s not me looking on; awareness. Does awareness need an entity to be aware? I thought so, but then ‘I’ would think that. It’s not necessarily true. Ended up folded forward, forehead on the floor, quick breathing, face pulling all kinds of faces.

pm 20 mins

Followed the run-run-run energy for quite some time before losing it in a fog of thought.


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