Meditation Journal – Day 34

Vipassana Meditation Day 34

am 1hr

Including, for the first time ever, a toilet break. Included this in the meditation: so many sensations! And a reminder that I am not the master of most of my body. Or rather, it knows what to do without me. I don’t know how to digest food, being involved in just the top and bottom ends.

I’m kneeling for a couple of days as my left inner thigh is tender. Because I’m still getting used to the cross-legged position, it’s vulnerable when so much else is happening – all the shaking and leaning – so I’m giving it chance to heal up. The exploration into the observer of sensation and sensation itself continues. I’m up to so much, all of the time. Creating time, probably.

pm 1 hr

Lying down. An area of tension in the head. From the ‘outside’ it’s very familiar from over the years. It usually repels any advances quite quickly, or sends me to sleep. Today, on nearing, it felt like I would cry. Before long I was asleep. Each time on coming back, I’d feel the tightness, get a little nearer and fall asleep once more. Something unwound by so little awareness in there in the dark of the body and of sleep. Had a sense of deep rest, which is what I needed today.


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