Listen With Prejudice – #47 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures – Album Review

#47 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures


Before: Rainy jerky doomsters with one actual tune, intense and a bit scary


Like a British The Doors, somehow, but glomier, vocals deep and distressed. Angualr rhythms, strange sound effects, throbbing driving bass driving, and those druggy, foresty English guitars. A band on the edge of something, no one is sure what, but it probably isn’t going to be pretty, and improbably a bit beautiful. Shambolic preciceness abounds.


After: The north of England through and through. Although Curtis does sound like he’s trying to be a bit American. One long demo?


Counting down the Top 50 over at Best Ever Albums. They’ve taken 6,600 greatest album charts and compiled them into an overall chart.


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