Meditation Journal – Day 4

Day 4 of practice since the 10-day vipassana course.


Tensions not centred on particular knots but broadly across the shoulders and into the neck. Awareness of these areas led to trembling and some arching forward, not so intensely as before. Sensation increasing in lower abdomen and lower back into the pelvis. Blissful energy rising from lower spine, meeting the tightness in upper body and the mind, rippling through, undoing resistance. Some flexing of feet, but not strong. Generally milder and scanning smoother.


Felt very good most of the day. Like a long term tiredness is lifting, a tiredness not fixed by sleep. Giving some time after work is better. Work out. Take a shower. Next week work out; today some domestic chores. Not entirely sure if I should stick with anapana for longer as when I begin to scan I am still scattered and without much attention for each part I come across. It’s easy to get a bit restless with awareness of only breath especially when parts of the body start calling, so I then begin the journey south bumping along, but the restlessness can go if staying longer with breathing. Middle of the back again, small spot, tender and sweet. Left hamstring white and taught. Right foot. Forehead. Staying with each, exploring how much I am pushing for change, how neutral I can be. Not easy when the forehead is scrunched up and the eyes are closed tight like in a cartoon.


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