3 thoughts on “34 & 36 Dragon St Petersfield C17-18

  1. Hello, came across your photos whilst doing a spot of family digging. I believe that sometime around 1920, my great uncle (Edwin HORNE), lived in 34 Dragon Street. As I’m up in Scotland, a friend in Petersfield is helping find some background for me; I understand Edwin owned a garage business. Might it be possible to take a copy of this photo for my family files? It would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Georgina. You are very welcome to download the photo. I could email the original if you prefer. There is a garage just along the road and I wonder if it stems from your great uncle’s…

      • Hello, so very sorry to be so tardy with reply, most rude! I forget that replies to this sort of site don’t come via my email and that I needed to check back here! (Of course, could have taken note of tick-boxes below). Thank you for that; I shall download the photo to my files, We’ll be down that way sometime soon, and look forward to a wander around the area. My friend sent me some info from the museum (I think it was?). I never met anyone from that branch of the family, but Mum talked of ‘Uncle Ted & Aunt Rose’, and a few photos of views of Petersfield in old albums. Very important to record buildings before they vanish from the lanscape or change beyond recognition – keep up the good work. Thanks again.

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