Winchester Architecture – Broadway / Eastgate St / Colebrook Area

An architectural tour of the Listed Buildings in the Broadway, Eastgate and Colebrook areas of Winchester, in the east of the city. These buildings include The Guildhall, St Johns Chapel, mills, old hospitals, shops and houses, and are mostly from the 18th and 19th Century. I’m not sure how old the statue is. The shops on the north side of Broadway are built upon much older wooden structures. Colebrook St is a quiet, bricky street near the river, with many fine houses surrounding the park. Eastgate street is very busy, with traffic with three impressive terraces. Behind are the almshouses of St Johns, probably the oldest charitable foundation in the UK. In the park is Abbey House, home of the Mayor. My favourite buildings today are No 34 and No 14 Colebrook St, and the unusual curved bays at the beginning of Eastgate St.


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