First week of meditation

For the last week, since the retreat in Kent, I’ve been sitting quietly for 20 minutes twice a day. The first session after yoga asana in the mornings and then again early evening, after work on a week day. The effects have been quite strong already. A twice daily exploration of consciousness, with a natural shedding of the irrelevant or unnecessary, without choice of what is relevant and necessary. Many times, from nowhere, an overwhelming bliss. Many times, an incredible build up of energy, either in the head, heart or around the base of the spine. Through the day I seem to have greater capacity for thinking and more clarity in general, with an underlying calmness as I go about my usual activities. It’s not always easy, the rough rides with thought, efforts, desire, feeling every tension, every restriction and tightness. Without feeling these, it’s unlikely they will be understood or released. Just before, I do a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing, a simple, balancing pranayama.


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