Reconstructing the ‘Death of Osama bin Laden’

You didn’t believe the military/governement about WMDs, so why believe them now?

All of the available evidence strongly suggests that Bin Laden died many years ago. Nevertheless, the war-mongers and ‘reality creators’ in the US of A and elsewhere decided that he was just too damn perfect as an terrorist mastermind think baddie in James Bond to let him or us off the hook so easily. So, they used his image and attributed the 9/11 attacks and a host of other ‘terrorist’ crimes since then to him without any evidence. But the fact that he was, in reality, quite dead, was an issue that the backroom boys in the Pentagon and the CIA were always going to have to face one day. And in case you’re wondering, the idea of allowing him to simply fade from public awareness was a non-starter, not due to any considerations of honor or justice, but rather because of the massive ‘political capital’ that his capture or killing would provide.So at some stage in the recent past, a plot was hatched in the bowels of the Pentagon and CIA HQ to stage the death of Bin Laden. Word has it that the real codename for this operation was either ‘die another day’ or ‘you only live twice’. but don’t quote me on that.Joking aside, we will probably never know the full details, but using the available data, past and present, we can build up a picture of the most likely circumstances surrounding the ‘death of Bin Laden’.Only very few people with high-level Pentagon and CIA security clearances would have been aware of the full facts of the plan. As far as people like Obama and his team and the Navy SEALs who would actually carry out the mission were concerned, the real Osama really had been found in a ‘compound’ in Pakistan.This particular compound was in fact a Pakistani intelligence/CIA safe house containing former Islamic militants and families who had been captured and ‘turned’ by the ISI and the CIA and who were being used as informers.

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