Iyengar Yoga

This evening, for the first time in about 8 years, I was in an Iyengar class. It was at Compton, south of Winchester, with a teacher called Sandy. I really appreciate the attention to detail and the time given to each posture, with relatively minor changes once in the pose making a huge difference. Again I was the lone male, and among 8 middle-aged women. This is not unusual, and after all, I am a middle aged man. I was made very welcome and it was a fun class. We were in a special school, so there were bright butterflies and happy faces painted on the walls. After class, I felt a couple of inches taller, elongated gently through many tight areas of my legs, chest high and open. Staying in the poses a while and working with the same posture in a few variations really helps. I’ll definitely go again.

It’s the Easter holidays at Brockwood, so the remaining staff and mature students have the place to ourselves. Once again, relishing the sun as we ate outdoors, chatting with Friedrich, a long term supporter of Brockwood.

At work I am making sure I take breaks, even wandering down to the bottom of the lane, or among the daffodils of the centre every hour. I’ve said it before, but if smokers get a break, why can’t non-smokers?

Steps: 6515


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