110318 New glasses

Day 6 each week in Moving Towards Balance is always relaxation and restorative poses, with one day of complete rest. After getting up around 7 we had some breakfast then went back to bed. At around 10, went into Winchester to pick up my new glasses:

Bought a used copy of Little Big Planet, playing on and off during the day. I haven’t played platformers since Super Mario World and this is basically the same thing, with heaps of imagination and some Mighty Boosh . Ultimately though it’s die, try again, die try again and all the frustration that comes with it. What I’m really waiting for is Gran Turismo 5, ordered a week a go but not arrived. I’m going to limit playing to one hour a day.

On Comic Relief they said that the majority of people who watch do not donate. That’s harsh.

Steps: 3129


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