110311 Japan Quake and Tsunami

As I write, it’s a new dawn in Japan. Millions waking up to count the cost of their biggest ever quake, and devastating tsunami that followed. Official figures say 1000 dead but it’s bound to be several times that, with trains and passenger boats missing. The waves swept in at 500mph, the speed of an aircraft, sweeping boats, homes, lorries, before it. I have never seen video like it before, and I don’t think it has ever been captured on video from the air. See my earlier post for two videos. The ring of fire is a fragile place, and north Japan especially so, with many plates joining in this area. One plate pushing under the other caused the huge wall of water. Here are some REUTERS images from earlier today:

Terrible indeed. Not to mention the nuclear question.

Yet at times like these I always think of the hundreds of ongoing disasters that don’t get attention because it isn’t news, the millions dying from war, disease, hunger, and how little those in power seem to care or act; plus the millions living in ignorance of health, diet, wellbeing. Nor do I welcome the kind of talk that says natural disasters are humankind getting its comeuppance from God or the earth itself. It’s always easier to give things a reason or put a story behind it, way less scary than contemplating just how fragile life is.

Update: by the end of March, 28,000 people dead or missing.

An altogether quieter day here. Steps stepped: 5288


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