110225 Counter Strike

I have submitted to YouTube Counter-notification submissions for all three contested videos. Not because I am really contesting the copyright but because I want my account back. Not because I really want the account but because YouTube is the only place my first fourteen Weekend Walk videos exist. Yes, guess who didn’t copy all their data when they got a new computer.

According to others who have had their accounts terminated – and there must be thousands of cases, with the Film, Music, TV industry going crazy over copyright – the counter submission method works because the original claimant then has to go to court to get the video taken down. Meantime, I get my strikes taken off and my account resurrected. Well, they won’t have to take me to court as I will delete everything I didn’t make. Even those lovely BBC wildlife clips. I just want to save the videos I don’t have locally and to not have to start all over again with views, tags, titles, and oh so much uploading. Please Mr You Tube, be gentle with me.

BTW, the third strike, the IT crowd clip… the entire episode is there on the Channel 4 site. Crazy!

Had an eye test in Winchester. A slightly curt blonde American optician asking, “better with 1, or better with 2”, and switching multiple lenses. I remember when you used to have to wear this big heavy thing on your face while they slotted in lenses by hand. My eyes are slightly worse than two years ago, the slow decline. Computers since the first home computers in the early 80s is what did it, I suppose. Then the opticians push to get you to buy the frames or re-glazing in-house, which costs twice as much as online.

In the afternoon I was back in Winchester having my car brakes checked, after the nearside front wheel started grinding on braking. Pads worn right down. While I waited for them to fit new ones, I wandered around the shops checking out the TVs, then to the library to finish Dead Lucky. Saw a book in there called ‘The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Survive and Thrive When the World Overwhelms You’ Without being all, er, sensitive about it, from my quick dip into the book I suspect I am one of these types. I’m going to get a copy of the book and will report back.

Steps stepped: 6804


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