110210 A sense of space

Addressing a problem without taking sides was the theme of tonight’s staff dialogue. Is there another way to look at things? It has to involve looking anew, listening, a new action other than a reaction or defence. And there’s me this very morning reacting to someone saying prisoners should not be allowed to vote. I feel prisoners should be allowed. I mean, why not? To deny the vote, is it to punish them more? What is wrong with a prisoner voting? So for me this isn’t a real problem. The real problem is… well, I’m not sure at the moment; things are going well. A feeling of space, of things falling into place, of lightening of burdens and of letting go. But for sure last night my dreams were raw. Emotions running high. Supreme jealousy and anger. It’s hard to take at the time but it is refreshing to touch something real and deep. This always happens when I am alone. If it’s not touched deeply nothing much can be understood or resolved. So things are going well but there is real work going on. Not work I am doing, but a touching, an awareness of the actual state I’m in. Getting real.

If it was up to me people wouldn’t be in prison anyway, or very few. I would choose a system of one on one help and connection with that person. Non-isolated people do not tend to harm others. It must cost a fortune for people to be housed in prison, and what assistance do they get? Next to none. That money could be used much more constructively for healing and real help. But of course it is much easier to lock people away.

I’m highly sceptical about the climate change sceptics. Only 3 in every 100 scientists dispute mankind-produced climate change.

A graphic summary of just some of the evidence for global warming. When someone tells you global warming isn’t happening, this serves as a visual reminder that you need to consider all the evidence to understand what’s happening to our climate. Signs of warming are being found not only all over the globe but in many different systems. Ice sheets are shrinking. Tree-lines are shifting towards the poles and up mountains (i.e. to cooler regions). Glaciers are retreating. Spring is coming earlier. Species are migrating to cooler regions. And so on…

Got my new pedometer, an Omron Walking style III. Just opened it now. From tomorrow I am aiming for at least 5,000 steps a day.


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