110203 Love

On the phone to Hyderabad today where they are going to help remaster the entire Krishnamurti audio collection. AM is somewhat reluctantly going out there to help set up the project and make sure the production values meet our requirements. This is a project which will result in all the Krishnamurti audio professionally produced, based on the seven years of digitisation we’ve been doing.

This afternoon I’ve been working on a transcript. Instead of a typical round and round discussion with new Brockwood students, Krishnamurti talks for one hour on love. What it isn’t and what it might be. Towards the end he mentions the relationship between the extensive suffering we all go through and love. Certainly Krishnamurti is not like the gurus who go on and on about love in a vague but appealing fashion, with dreamy-eyed followers lapping it up. Instead K takes the approach of what it is not, and emphasises the need to address the way the world is, the way we are, rather than zone out into a fantasy over love.

To discover for yourself, not repeat what I am talking about, discover for yourself what this relationship is, between this suffering of man, of a human being, and the enormity of what he calls love. To discover their relationship. And when you discover the truth of that relationship, what comes out of that flowering? That may be the real compassion. So, to understand this, to go into it, that is part of meditation.

And some quotes along the way before this:

The word ‘love’ is loaded, spoiled, spat upon, vulgarised.

Love of the country, love of the flag, love of an ideal, has killed millions and millions and millions of people.

Actually find out, you know, in your heart, in your mind, find out what it means to love somebody, love human beings, love another.


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