Taught another class to a student who couldn’t make it yesterday and people who wanted to come again. Going over the same class routine again I could add more detail and I was also able to take it easier. It’s a good way to learn how to teach, with no money involved, to reasonably small groups.

Not much to say about today. A cold, damp, windy day and not much going on. Took a walk at lunchtime with C, one of the last while she lives at Brockwood. I’ll miss that, being able to hook up that easily and just take a stroll. She won’t be far away, just a few miles, which takes a little more organising. But when you aren’t living together the conversation is deeper, less about domestics, and less of the feeling that you know pretty much everything that’s happened to each other. It’s a hard time for her, with a new home, new job and new practice all coming at once.

Going to bed really early now, way before nine.

Steps stepped: 6007


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