30 Jan 2011

More driving practice for C with a run over to Harting Down. How delicious is it up there, especially with the sun out, blue skies, and the crisp morning air. We walked for a couple of hours over to Beacon Hill then down into the valleys to the south.

View of South Harting and beyond:

The climb ahead to Beacon Hill:

Views east along the downs:

Catkins in the sunshine:

If you used to watch LOST and are feeling a little incomplete, all you have to do is answer these questions to tidy it all up:

Polar Bears Status. Sad news of declines:

Don’t think global warming is real? Think the data is wrong? Think it’s a conspiracy to keep us in fear? Think it’s not man-made but a natural cycle? Regardless what you think, here are Met Office Observations Consistent with a Warming World:

And sea temperature anomalies data from eight different sources:

Favourite track at the moment is The Roots Feat. Joanna Newsom – Right On. Great merging of styles, bass line on the chorus and that live drumming ticking along. Newsom’s voice is really growing on me.

“Right On” by The Roots (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS) from Bigger Than Blogging on Vimeo.

Steps stepped: 8877


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