27 Jan 2011

Today I turned 40. It feels like quite a milestone, and at the same time nothing special at all. I feel pretty much like when I was in my early 20s. My body is stronger and definitely healthier. I would say I am less fearful and more grounded. These are the things that count for me. So now I am middle aged! That’s pretty cool. I can relax a bit, be more eccentric, and more myself. A couple of changes I’d like to make: to walk every day, to relax about ‘how I should be’, to accept things as they are, and some of the struggling of youth can retire gracefully. No wars. I surrender. I reckon I’m a third of the way in – I’m going to be around until 110 or 120 years old. Why not? 40 years… a long time, and yet over in a week or two.

All the birthday wishes and facebook birthday messages is really fun and heart warming – thank you to my diverse and widespread friends.

300 years of fossil fuels in a 300 seconds animation:

Steps stepped 3780


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