16 Jan 2011

Regular viewers will notice a design of the site. I’ve updated the template after a few years of K2, to the WordPress default Twenty Ten. I recoloured the header blue and the cloud is now… black. This template gives a lot more options such as custom headers. There may be a few more changes I’ll make but this is pretty much how my blog will look this year.

I’ve been up Everest several times now. Once with the IMAX crew, once with Jon Krakauer, last night, twice, with Anatoli Boukreev. And today with Nick Heil in Dark Summit. I suppose my fascination will naturally cease at some point, but I’ve been really enjoying the exhilaration. The sheer craziness of ambition and the decision-making, even by expert guides and leaders continues to amaze the more I learn. Factor in the cost of each expedition and the pressure is really on to get as many people to the top as possible. Add the unpredictable weather into the mix and you’ve got high risk of death.

A big driving day, one session in the morning and another after lunch. C has her test in three days. She’s improving all the time and handling the unpredictable more competently. I cannot remember much about learning to drive. I remember it being one of the few times my mum and I argued. I remember driving with my older brother and hesitating at a narrow bridge so that someone drove into the back of me. I failed first time with the classic fault of ‘undue hesitancy’. I passed second time. Soon after, ignoring the advice to take it easy, I took mum’s Nova up to Kingsdown Hill and floored it down the long straight Roman road, hitting 100. I got an erection. My driving back then wasn’t safe, getting to town as fast as possible, even with passengers, flying over humpback bridges. And a crash in Bath, overtaking at a junction. Someone turned right into me when I thought he would go left. Nothing serious, a big dent in the rear quarter. I don’t think C will suffer from speed thrill and she is for the most part ultra safe. It’s hard sitting in the passenger seat sometimes, with little or no control over anything.

As C is moving to Alresford in early Feb, the town has naturally been on my mind. I enjoyed looking at these old images Here’s one example, of Broad Street:


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