11 Jan 2011

Woo: 11.1.11 – according, only, to those Gregorian dudes, so don’t read too much into it.

A day of packing and travel. The drive took a long time. A lorry had hit the M40 central reservation and off the carriageway into a ditch. After an hour’s crawl we saw it getting craned out, soil and hedge in its caved in radiator. Later on the A34 a van had skidded to face the other direction. The driver and passenger were still sitting in the car looking embarrassed, a police car having closed one lane.

Still got the morning yoga session in, and a half hour sit together by the fire, and leisurely breakfast before realising we are leaving in half an hour. A rushed packing session only to find we weren’t ready to leave until nearly 1030. What did I say about groups leaving on time? Jennifer took some group photos which I’m looking forward to seeing.

Good to be home, hanging out with C again. What a lovely being she is!

My tongue has swollen up during this week. I think it might be a reaction to the wheat bread I’ve been eating – what else I couldn’t guess. It’s painful because I’ve bitten the edge of it a few times. And I can’t quite talk right. I sound like the bloke on QI. C is treating me for it now; I have two needles inside of my shins as I type. Within a few seconds I can feel the tongue is less big and fits between my lower teeth again.

This photo looking east from Yewfield while waiting to leave:

It was a damn fine week.


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