1 Jan 2011

Woke in the night when C made a sound like a small cry in her sleep. Stayed awake for a few hours listening to music on shuffle. A few spine releases like used to happen ten years ago, and on and off since. I felt tense and troubled, which eased as the night went on. Drifted back into sleep as I stayed with any sharpness I felt in my consciousness and awoke after light.

A leisurely new year’s morning. Watched some online videos including:

C’s third driving session with me was much improved, her nerves holding as we approached trickier and unpredictable situations. I think she has a good chance of passing later in the month.

Home for reheated homemade wheat free pizza for lunch, then watching Everest youtubes about the 1996 disasters. That South African team were nuts, right? The participants in the film were talking about the same storm as the Into Thin Air book, as well as other incidents on that deathly year.

Had a snooze, read some Word magazine then some yoga on my new prAna ECO mat. Thought of starting the 8 week Rodney Yee course but suddenly preferred the same Hittleman one I began last year with. Was glad to be on the mat again but it’s hard to ‘stop’ and simply stretch. Afterwards sat for 15 mins and breathed.

Played some Draw My Thing using C’s graphics pad but got bored playing against probably 10 year olds. Had some smoothie with yoghurt and oats and granola then some peppers and aubergine C fried up.

Watched Winter’s Bone which was compelling and tense and desperate yet full of integrity. Then a little Robert Anton Wilson on reality tunnels and quantum physics. That’s the sort of media I’d really like to interact with this year. (See other post)


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