Dancing On Ice, with David Bohm (312/365)


2 thoughts on “Dancing On Ice, with David Bohm (312/365)

  1. Hola Duncan,
    Great effect of the snow flakes falling all over your blog….we were mystified by it.

    We did not understand (Silvia and me), why you mentioned David Bohm…was it because what he said that we always take for granted that the ground is not going to collapse?…

    Great picture, anyway,
    Paco and Silvia

    • Hi Paco

      The snow will fall on my blog until early Jan – it’s a seasonal thing and I quite liked it. I can turn it off and on. The real snow at BP is melting away, as you can see in the photo, but it is remaining cold.

      The photo title was just a joke. I thought I looked a bit like David Bohm in it, and imagined this is what he might look like ‘dancing’ on ice – you know, the show where they have celebrities learning to ice skate. Well, anyway…

      I hope you are well and fixing up a lot of people. You are good at that. I’ve been watching documentaries about the doctors at Everest basecamp – extreme medicine!

      Love and peace


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