The X Factory

You can sing absolutely anything
I can take a challenge
You nailed every note
I think it was indulgent
You need a bit more credit for what you do
When you hear it back, the vocals were not on track
Girls don’t like girl groups
You’re the perfect ambassador for Britain
That was a brilliant performance
I had such a good time
You and the song were having a punch-up in the middle
I didn’t do so well
It was a little bit out of time
What are you drinking?
The songs he chooses really suit me
You’ve got it all, mister
Yeah, I really felt that one
Some people were born to be on the stage
I really think I belong now
She’s quirky and she’s fun and she’s cool with it
You make Vampire hot
There’s a wave behind this band now
The performance of the entire season
The most amazing comments that I’ve ever had in my life


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