Solar’s Power over GURU

This interview with former Jazzmatazz trumpeter, Brownman, is full of horrible info on Solar’s dominance of GURU. Here’s a disturbing extract:

To be honest, I didn’t feel any fear about Solar until I actually saw him punch Guru in the face. Solar didn’t know I had seen this go down. It happened in a back alley behind a club after a gig in Europe. I was heading back to the hotel post-gig, cutting through the backalley of the club as a shortcut. After a gig Guru and Solar often stayed behind, and the rest of the group would head back to the hotel. So I’m walking down the alley heading to the hotel, and suddenly the back door of the club flies open and Guru comes stumbling out like he had been shoved, Solar right on his heels yelling at him like a little boy. By now, this was a fairly common occurrence for me to see, but what happened next left me paralyzed. Guru seemed to be quietly arguing back. Clearly he felt that whatever had happened didn’t merit such a response from Solar, and it seemed like he was trying to explain himself. Solar – who was already knee-deep into the habit of cutting off Guru and not letting him complete full sentences – asked him:
“are you talking back to me Guru? Are you?”.
“No Lord, but you just need to understand… ”
“oh *I* need to understand? Me? You’re telling me that *I* need to understand???!!! Shut up Guru. Shut up right now!”
“… ok, I will. But let me just explain…”
“What did I tell you Guru? I said SHUT YOUR MOUTH?”
“… but lord…”


Solar swung on him… hit him in the mouth. And then again in the head. I was frozen. Far enough away that they couldn’t see me, but frozen in my tracks. I took a step forward, but I didn’t know what to do. And then Guru seemed to sort of shrug it off. Until that last year of his life, he was a tough, well-built guy, but I did think it was weird he didn’t fight back. And I’m pretty much a peace-loving pacifist… not a fighter… and none of this was my business. I was hired as the Jazzmatazz trumpet player, not as the Jazzmatazz judge and jury – so I swallowed hard and left, disturbed by what I’d seen.

Full interview here. It also goes into just how Solar gained so much power over the legendary rapper GURU.


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