Another early start

Further experimentation meant arising at 0540 for 3 round of sun salutations, (left/right x3) before work at 6. I don’t know if it’s crazy to start at that time – probably – especially as I woke at 0130 and listened to a) podcast b) Yoga Nidra by Maureen Lewison c) a whole bunch of music. We’ll see how it goes. But I like it there in the early morning, no one else around, hardly anyone awake at Brockwood, doing the verification work for the first three hours in the office. I take a break each hour, else it’s 7 hours straight at the computer and that’s no good. At 8 it’s the morning meeting at the school which I can now go to again. Where is everyone for that? The hall is only one third full. Sitting quietly for 10 minutes is just too much for many people. So now I am ready for a deeeeep sleep. Alarm for 0530 tomorrow…

Why do ideas take root in our minds? Why do not facts become all-important – not ideas? Why do theories, ideas, become so significant rather than the fact? Is it that we cannot understand the fact, or have not the capacity, or are afraid of facing the fact?


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