Netley, Hamble, Bursledon Walk

Yesterday’s walk from Netley, through the haunted grounds of Royal Victoria Park, along the coast and across the common to Hamble, across to the east bank and up to Lower Swanwick and Bursledon.

I wanted to see the old asylum which still remains in the park but is surrounded by a long high wall and is now used for police training. Later I found myself trying to work out where the boatyard was from Howard’s Way from the 80s. The series was made in the Hamble valley.

My first video with my Canon FS11!

2 thoughts on “Netley, Hamble, Bursledon Walk

  1. Hi
    Just came across your Netley to Bursledon walk post and video.
    That’s my neck of the woods, virtually every scene you filmed I have photographed at some time or another, some are on . Great to see it put together as a video.
    It’s a fantastic area for walks, every time you go out you see something new, especially the section from the water taxi to Lower Swanwick, completely different depending whether the tide is in or out.


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