Cheesefoot Head Walk

Not a ‘Head Walk’, whatever that is, but Cheesefoot Head is a viewpoint at the western end of the South Downs, close to Winchester.

I parked the scooter in the small carpark, after a very windy ride. The gales were strong up on the downs but that was the point, to feel the wind high up, warm on a sunny July morning.

I headed south through field of wheat, swaying and flowing in the wind, switching directions, oceanic. At least, I think it was wheat.

It was an open walk, with great views

Sometimes poppies among the grain

Then crossed the A272, heading north along Rodfield Lane, before picking up the South Downs Way, feeling like I was in the grain belt of America

The tone changed as I came upon a field being converted into some kind of tank playground, exposing the chalk beneath. Then it was into the trees to return through Temple Valley to Cheesfoot, with views over Chilcomb down.

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