Enabling Yoga

There was someone I was to meet. I’d arrived at an apartment, up in the
hills, expensive. A family next door had a little house and each of the
bedrooms were another cabin, nestled in the hillside. I never met the
person but it felt great to be there. There were many others and they
all knew what to do. Even though I didn’t know what to do I felt
welcome. I never met who I was to meet.

What changed with my yoga routine?

  • Shower in the evening – means I don’t have to get up so early.
  • Eat breakfast at work while reading the morning emails – means I
    can get up at ten to seven and still have a 50 min stretch and a 40 min
  • Find a book/video that isn’t too progressive, is nurturing and safe – I use Basic Yoga For Dummies.
  • Feel safe, that nothing is going to happen
  • Feel that you fundamentally want to do this, and enjoy it.

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