Monday: rota, dialogue, sitting

Started with love making, as we awoke, missing morning sitting today.

The last in the series of four K talks at the foundation, with some discussion afterwards: What s our reaction? Why do we watch? What are we aiming for? Is there a judgement in our stating ‘the world is in conflict’? etc etc.  A French visitor joining us, pushing the ‘back to nature’ solution to our humankind woes.

Lunch with Dave, Maya, Valatin, people I don’t normally mix with. Talking about what classical music means, and stuff, still buzzing from the dialogue before. My first rota of the year; lots of new students learning the ways. It’s learn as you go with rota.

Sleep. Back to work. Typed the interview with Mary Z Jerome wants for the 20th anniversary booklet. Donna found 800 Swiss francs among the stuff to send to Frances who is staying in Ojai. Eyes sore from too much computers, not enough resting them during the day. Will get another countdown clock to remind me to take breaks at work.

Evening sitting in too-cool quiet room. Initial resistance and catch up thoughts change to a sense of nowhere to go, to a sense of where am I, not location, but sense of self, into thoughts, bam! back to ‘me’ again with a release of energy as wandering stops, into noticing subtle thoughts continue even when apparently ‘not thinking’. That half hour is the most interesting of the day.

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