Riversdown House

It feels like summer, March 11. We went for a walk along the lanes and tracks nearby, for a couple of hours or more. The trees are ready to get their leaves out and the grasses are rising quickly.

Just along from the furthest I normally go on a short walk, we checked out a place called Riversdown House, hoping to find a river or at least a stream. From the lane you enter along a track with Victorian looking lamp posts, ending with the old old house from 1328. A really old feel to the place, with not many houses that age left standing. Here is the link to the place; you can stay there to learn English, or B&B: http://www.crossculture.com/stay/.

Here is a brief history: http://www.crossculture.com/riversdown/history.html


On the opposite side to the photo, the roof starts low and has many windows in it. I wanted to go in and explore the corridors, imagining secret rooms and cult activities going on in there. The place had fine lawns and a relaxed feel.

It is odd that this place is nearby yet we have never been there. That kind of experience makes you feel like you have been a long long way from home.


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