30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 4

Today’s smoothie was the Mango Mint Digestion Soother: Mango, celery, mint, ginger. Rather strange combo I’d never have dreamt up. It was the most vegetably of the smoothies so far, because of the strong taste of the celery shining through the delicious mango. Could add more mint next time, and the ginger gives a nice kick.

Mango Mint Digestion Soother Smoothie

Felt very good today, detoxy feeling over, expansive rather than shrunken. I took a cold blast at the end of my shower which really helps to warm up, ironically, and wake up for work. I didn’t get the cold I thought I might, but the slight sore throat continues.

Back to normal levels of thirst today, I guess being back to full hydration. I didn’t get hungry before lunch. Again the clear headed focus all morning.

Went to see the new Hobbit film in the afternoon. It was pretty good but the hour long battle (more?) made me very tense and wasn’t satisfying – some orcs killed with a stone, some worse than end of level bosses. Kind of glad it’s all over. I felt obliged to see it rather than really really wanting to.

Tomorrow I’ll stock up for the next round of five days blending.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 3

Today’s was the Banana Soother: banana, pok choy, parsley, hemp seeds and ginger.

Banana Soother Smoothie

I’m really enjoying these smoothie breakfasts, and makes a real change from my usual Dove’s cornflakes, granola and grapefruit juice. Today’s was quite large, so I made it in two batches (one of which you see above), one an hour later than the first. The luxury of having a flat upstairs from where I work! Really tasty today, satisfying and nutritious. This evening before supper I had another Green Dream Pineapple, like day one’s, as there was some pineapple left over.

Thirst is back to normal – around 4 litres today of water today – and digestion has settled – only one number two. Meditation and yoga felt very smooth and centred this evening. But over all I felt kind of shrunken and weak, detoxy.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 2

Another Big Thirst day. I’ve had over five litres of water and it’s still only early evening.

Today’s smoothie was a Berry Blast which is blueberries, cucumber, ginger, almond milk and strawberries. I used frozen mixed berries instead of weird winter strawberries. So, I learnt not to use the NutriBullet when a bit sleepy and trying to show someone how easy it is. I didn’t quite tighten it enough and some deep wine smoothie leaked out into the top of the blender. Mop up time. Used tissues to reach under the transparent spinny thing. One of the white edge pieces inside the blender is now stained as the juice got behind it. Moving on… the smoothie was good again, perhaps not as nice as yesterday’s Green Dream, as it had a slight ‘watered down fruit’ quality to it. But it looked like something else:

Berry Blast Smoothie

Look at that colour!

Again two number twos instead of the usual one number two. And I may be coming down with a cold, C having brought one back from Sweden. I’ll see if the nutrient and vitamin-rich breakfast smoothies can help my immune system ward it off. The runny nose comes and goes. Again clear-headed and light all morning. I got a little hungry in the last hour before lunch, probably because this was only around 200 calories.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 1

My NutriBullet arrived while I was away at the weekend. Saturday afternoon I went shopping for the first five days’ supply of wholesome fruits and veggies, buying organic where I could. The only thing I didn’t get were strawberries, it being winter, so I have some frozen mixed berries instead. Last night I washed up the blender cups and blades ahead of this morning’s first use. What fun! Pile in the ingredients, fill with water up to the max line, screw on the blade base, insert onto the blender and off it whirls. Less than a minute and it looked ready, and it was true, all the produce was no longer produce but blended into… well a very smoothie:

Smoothie challenge day 1

I’m following the 30 day challenge from the app, which seems to be a bit different than the one on the Young and Raw site. The basic idea is to have a nutrient-packed smoothie for breakfast instead of one’s usual brekkie. Today’s ingredients: Pineapple, lettuce, coriander and lime. There was a little too much of it to fit in the NutriBullet large cup, so I had to do it in a couple of blends, hence way above the max line in the photo. Apparently, blend too much at once and it can leak – I guess it forces the liquid out through the blade axel on the base. I then just took it to work in the same cup, with a straw. Which was too narrow. Have ordered a stainless steel smoothie straw for a couple of quid.

It easily kept me going until lunch and I felt lively and clear headed. Some pleasant tingles inside my skull at first. I sipped it during a half hour or so, It affected my digestion and I needed two number twos instead of the usual post-breakfast one. Later I had a few brief crampy pains in my bowels. I was also soon very thirsty and have had about five litres of water today. Late this afternoon I felt a sharp headache. Not too strong but like something was different, as I don’t normally get obvious headaches. Nothing too off-putting and I look forward to tomorrows.

Downloaded Strala’s GENTLE class to compliment the BASIC class I was doing last week. A combination of the two should work well. It’s so good to stretch after being in the office much of the day, and also to remember to do some stretches during the work day.

Tired this evening and I’m sure I’ll sleep well.