171024 Brockwood conversations 

Another 100% sleep and I’m really catching up. Once caught up I intend to stay caught up, living rested.

More work on the flat. I have a large, very large, closet that things had just been dumped in when moving, all the stuff I use less often: mountain biking kit, hats, old diaries, backup drives, etc. Everything found it’s home pretty easily. Just a couple more jobs and I can get into a good study routine and relax fully in my home.

Met with David Skitt this morning, an ex trustee and senior editor. We talked about some of the difficulties in editing Krishnamurti and also many of the subtleties we’ve cone across. He’s especially interested in the brain and the mind, and the difference. We spoke about thought’s limitation in the personal, and it finding its right place. With thought in the right place, insight and intelligence are possible. These are non-personal. With intelligence comes a sense of the universal, an energy, a capacity beyond the localised mind. A fun conversation with an 86 year old at 11am!

Lunch with Helena who has been on a yoga retreat with Billy Doyle. I did the same, 16 years ago and we both wondered why the special ‘yoga voice’ he uses. Then we talked about the place of the self and its necessity and non-necessity, while eating delicious barley and beans

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