170912 University induction day

Induction day at University of Chichester. Like the last induction day at Winchester, it was a bit of a jumble – admin stuff, learning about the library, casually meeting each other (no get to know each other games), a fairly random q&a session in which many seemed obsessed about the end of the course stage and their careers. The personal development section at the end was the most interesting. The final 90 minutes of each week will be in our smaller groups and it sounds as if it will be unstructured, with maybe not even the classic check in and check out. Rather, the tutor will hold space for us to all share what’s going on with us as group members. Engaging with our thoughts and feelings and expressing that. 

I don’t know if I was expecting too much from the others on the course but I thought there would be a more serious depth but so far it has not been the case. First day nerves getting in the way? People did seem tense. Of course it is early days and I have to remember how it was at the beginning of level three. But I met some sound people I’ll be happy to hang out with, and I like our personal development group of eleven. Six less than last year, with  35 in total. 

Good support from friends on going in, when I was a mixture of excited, happy and a but nervous. But not anxious. I was able to participate throughout and enjoyed most of the day. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in on Saturday with an experiential day. Let’s see what the course brings. Perhaps not the accelerated learning and integration of level three but more of a consolidation.

I aim to sit twice daily throughout, and it is part of the course to undertake counselling, which I will up from fortnightly to weekly during term time.

Feeling strong and stable, as that PM likes to say. Tomorrow I begin a new yoga class which runs the whole term. First regular class in a couple of years, having given up Iyengar when starting college.


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