Evening ride along the bridleways nearly to Upper Weild as the sun set. Puncture! Tire had gone down a bit overnight, but not a lot so I pumped it up and set off, checking it regularly. It was only when I went fast downhill on the way back that it very quickly it deflated. Rather than push it all the way back, I asked a lady if I could leave it in her garden while I walked home for the car. The sun set as I neared.

Otherwise a quiet day, alone in the office. Lunches at the school are getting quite posh, today with a quiche and veggies in white sauce. Sat in the sun out of the wind with friends.

Did a seven minute workout last night from the wahoo app, thirty second each activity then ten seconds rest. Slept well on it and will do another tonight. Getting to sleep pretty early and my sleep quality average is back in the upper seventies after dropping in the late summer.


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