Attempting to write every day, starting from now, inspired by a Zen Habits post. I don’t tend to sit in the evenings these days so writing can be sort of instead of that. 

Half day at work then home for a rest before counselling session: abandonment, controlling my environment, shyness, being part of a group, the new course and the new group. Good to have that ear available and that support and encouragement to go into things. As Derren Brown said last week, we are fine paying for gyms and things to aid our body but we shy away from spending money on our mind and emotions, as if it’s something to snigger at. I see acceptance of counselling growing. 

MTB ride afterwards, along the usual track, part of the Ox Drove way. So much fun. Already wanting to upgrade my bike, which I will for a Bird once I sell my ebike. Now or in the spring. Now I reckon. Will soon run out of light for evening rides though. Mornings?

Feeling good these days and glad to be more engaged with activity than in the gap between level two and three. Looking forward to the class Thursday.


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