First run on my Boardman Comp mtb this evening. So much fun. Makes me not want to commute by bike anymore along the roads, just so I can get back and go for a track ride. Tyres were too pumped at first and so I was bumping along and it was hard on the hands. Let some air out later and all good. Then discovered the adjustment to the air forks, so I can play with that next time. The uphills provided the workout I need and the downhills were just a blast. Nothing steep, just a run to Wield to the north east.

The Boardman 2016 Comp mountain bike.

Enjoying the qigong too. A good way to start the day after my 6am sit. Then luxuriously back to bed to a snooze along with some gentle music. Yesterday was Maclemore’s first, a good listen but not snoozeable to.

Lunch at the Krishnamurti Centre, my day to eat there rather than the school. Spiked chilli beans. Chef had put chocolate in and I didn’t find out until afterwards. I now feel a bit unbalanced and buzzy. Hopefully not too strong a hangover feeling tomorrow, which the sugar can bring. Not sure about cocoa on its own as I haven’t had it for years.


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