Went to see Derren Brown, who talked on the subject of his new book, Happiness. Basically it’s based on stoicism and most of what he said makes a lot of sense, especially the not getting involved in things you have no power over and daring to let them be fine. He was good at dismantling the myth of positive thinking and of trying to get somewhere. Once the basics are taken care of there is nowhere to get to.

Before that, taught yoga. Had to make the class a little shorter to get away on time. Went well and was enjoyable, words coming easier than they once did. It’s like they are immediately available to the tongue, whereas once, not so long ago, I had to work to seek them out and fit them to the action.

New mountain bike tomorrow, my first for 25 years when my Kona was nicked pretty much on arrival in Portsmouth. Since 2000 I’ve had hybrids. Keeping my Cannondale CX3 Cytronex ebike for commuting, this is for off road fun. Printed some routes at work; may take an afternoon off this week for it.


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