Kripalu YTT Yoga Journal – Sunday 1 November

First day of the second week.

Fear and breath cannot live in the same place.

Pre industrial revolution there was 33% oxygen in the air. Now it is less than half that, and as low as 12% in some cities.

Breathe fully.

The morning session focussed on Tuesday’s practice teach. I am the last to go in our Full Moon Group, which means mid-afternoon.

In the afternoon session, a quarter of us assisted the West Group. I really enjoyed it, helping people feel the poses, helping them relax. The best part was sitting up during savasana and feeling the energy quieten. So still. Beautiful.

I was hardly nervous. My mind wonders: What if I am asked to speak right now? And I was pretty fine with it. Neither am I too nervous about the practice teach. Must plan it tomorrow. It’s really just balancing the nerves and being clear with instruction.

This eve, nutrition workshop with Danny Arguetty He did a great job of summarising this vast, important subject. Some notes:

Warm, filtered water first thing.
No iced water.
The average person only uses 33% of lung capacity.
Finish eating by 8 pm.
At 10 pm the liver goes into cleansing cycle.
Sleep is the digestive process of the day, literally and figuratively. It’s important what we do before sleep.
90% of disease now is attributed to stress.
Lie on the left side after a heavy meal. LSD: Left Side Down.
Mindful eating: 30+ chews.
Witness and feel to assess your food needs.


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