3D Glasses (113/365)

3D Glasses (113/365), originally uploaded by :Duncan.

This is me in my fabulous 3D glasses I got from the cinema when we went today. Coraline with Caroline.

I loved the 3D effects. It was my first experience of the new digital 3D technology; very impressive, especially when objects are moving slowly, and to give great depth to a set. Somehow the titles were the most impressive, with things moving behind and then in front of the text.

The film itself I didn’t like so much. I felt I was floating through a dream created by oh-so-imaginative artists, doing stuff just because they could. It’s one of those out-of-control fantasy films where you are at the mercy of someone’s artistic vision, forsaking characters and plot. But there were some great moments, especially when the alternative button world was crumbling to grey.

Was impressed with Vue Eastleigh. Way nearer than Portsmouth or Southampton and much more cutting edge than Winchester. The sound was so clear and the digital projection crisp. All new. We didn’t pay for ‘superior’ seats in leather, nor the beanbag chairs, which are all in the front row so you lie looking up at the screen a few feet away.

These glasses are like a comedy version of my own!


Weekend Walk No. 5 – Curbridge & Burridge

From the Horse & Jockey at Curbridge, near Botley, Hampshire, along the creek in National Trust land to the upper Hamble, finding a fairy tree along the way! Then to Burridge and a development into the fields for rich people near the road and houses getting smaller as you reach the woods behind. Back through more woods to Curbridge.

The fairy area was quite a surprise and left me with a very good feeling.

Here’s the video (which I really enjoy making, even if I might not sound like it!)

Keep it rural!

EA Sports Active; Wise Blood

Second day using EA Sports Active after work. I’m doing the 30 day challenge, on easy setting. It’s good. Today I was sweating, and yet it doesn’t feel too challenging. I took the rock music out which was annoying me.. Maybe tomorrow I change the woman trainer for the man. This combined with an hour’s yoga in the morning and my body is really appreciating it and energy levels are back up.

So, I’ve been doing some boxing training yesterday and tennis today along with the standard lunges and track training. We hadn’t tied the resistance band on tightly enough and it pinged off during a curl.

K talking about the importance of having time alone, away from the influence of other people. I have always felt this strongly and it motivates many of my choices. Glad to be backed up. So many people following each other we’ve kind of lost our way.

Reading Wise Blood still. Very interesting. Main feeling is the rawness of life in post war era and how little we have travelled, below this sheen of relative wealth and abundance. The story is getting interesting with Haze after the girl and the girl after Haze, and Enoch finding his (probably twisted) purpose.

Discovered today that there’s a Vue cinema in Eastleigh, making it our nearest big screen. But since when did it cost ¬£9 for a ticket?

Homemade wheat free pizza for supper, with Freaks and Geeks on.

Wise Blood – Flannery O'Connor

As far as Enoch was concerned, this piece [washstand] had always been the centre of the room and the one that most connected him with what he didn’t know. More than once after a big supper, he had dreamed of unlocking the cabinet and getting in it and then proceeding to certain rites and mysteries that he had a very vague idea about in the morning.

I am reading this after seeing Jacob reading one of hers in LOST and not knowing who she was. It’s full of great writing, surprising descriptions, an unusual flavour.

Weekend Walk No. 4 – Manor Farm Country Park

Yesterday, Saturday, I took the Vespa down to near Bursledon to continue the walk along the river Hamble. Last time I’d left it at Bursledon, headed north. This took me to the Manor Farm Country Park, a wooded spot next to the river. It also has a working museum farm. The chapel was very sweet, and contained an old hearse. It was in such a quiet place, very peaceful, despite the bank holiday weekenders at the farm nearby. The Hamble was graceful and quiet too, with woods along its banks. Lots of people with dogs. Here’s the video.