End of Week Three

Week three is a bit uneven, both the schedule in the book and my own participation. I was so tired Wednesday morning that I skipped a day, meaning Saturday’s rest day becomes Friday’s relaxation session. Also, day two is packed – 28 postures- so it takes well over an hour whereas the rest of the week is under an hour per day. Not sure why Rodney made of so uneven. Makes it hard when you have to go to work; you tend to rush to be on time. Overall though it’s a great book so far.

So much energy this week, all the backbends opening up. Quite a few nights with just a few hours sleep.


Spine and chest

I can almost trace the entire length of the spine now, when sitting quietly. There have been gaps previously, areas I cannot feel, like mid lower back and the very middle of the back. When standing, the sway of the low back is much lessened and I fell taller. Also my chest feels open, broad, free; easier breathing, fuller, but less breathing from my nose and head, more from the belly or diaphram. Changes changes.

My new (to me) FS11 camcorder arrives today; a barely used half price bargain. Expect strange videos soon.

A bright frosty autumn gold morning.

Moving Toward Balance – Week 3

Week three of the course is called Opening Into Vulnerability. This week’s focus is backbends and my back is getting a thorough workout. Lots of energy around the solar plexus and heart, a nervousness that feels terrible and great. It’s what I need to feel and it’s right there to touch. My hips feel flexible and open. Sleeping less; more alert. I’m appreciating the return to GMT and lighter mornings.

Notes on Dreams

By the end of a dream, still continuing with a game that has long since gone to pieces. Nobody else is playing or interested but you carry on because you don’t know what else to do.

Early in a dream the events are focused and immedite. Later they are disparate and problem solving is weak, left helpless. The beginnings of dreams, as far back as can be remembered, are deep and weird.

During stressful and fearful stages I go blind. I still have to do what I have to do but I can’t see at all, or can’t see faces. This adds greatly to the anxiety, bumbling on.

Moving Toward Balance – Week 2

Day 4 of week 2 and it’s pretty full on. Not so much the practices but the relentlessness of it. Normally I would be stopped by now, the four or five days then a good break if at least that length. But here I am, getting up an hour earlier each morning to stretch in all directions. Today the focus was on upward dog, learning the right position not to strain the lower back. It feels good this course. What I need, and taking me beyond my normal normality.

Twford River Itchen Walk

I want to start making a few videos of my excursions into nature. The idea came during the walk from Southampton a couple of weeks ago. I was going to wait until I had a video camera but thought I’d just start with my normal camera in movie mode. The big problem with that is the audio doesn’t come out so well.

Duncan’s Weekend Walks – No 1

Moving Toward Balance – Week 2

The tendency is to keep on moving in the same way. After an escapist Saturday in bed I wanted to carry on with the same behaviour of checking facebook, playing with blog widgets, browsing, watching videos and maybe another movie. The beginning of week two was in the way. But once you roll the mat out and begin reading and then stretching, slowly that changes and the connection with breathing, moving, strengthens. By the end of it, all the fizzy escapism seems rather unecessary. I am not sure it even works, just shifts things round inside so they don’t seem too bad. And also to try to cover up lonliness and disconnection. So I guess it works in a disguising way only. Of course the brain keeps moving even when doing something more basic like yoga, but there is far more possibility for awreness of what’s going on.

Week two introduces the sun salutation in individual postures and today twice put them all together. Also some nice rejuvinating relaxations and sittings at the end.

First iPod Post

This is my first post from my new iPod Touch which arrived today all shiny and gorgeous. I downloaded the WordPress app which seems to work pretty good. There’s some great features, not least the text entry.

But otherwise it was a grim day, waking up after extreme jealousy dreams with a headache, sore throat and wisdom teeth, gums and jaw aching. My wisdom teeth continue their evolution when I’m doing some proper yoga.

I began last Sunday Rodney Yee’s Moving Towards Balance, which is an 8 week course over 6 days per week. I’ve really liked it but the four day thing happened again. Which basically means I start to feel stirred up, angry, resentful, emotional, and that things are getting worse not better. But I am going to definitely see it through the whole book, no matter what. Last time I made it to week 4.

The start stop yoga of the last, what, 13 years really does have to change as it’s getting a bit silly. I mean, what is the problem with feelings? Easy to ask after a day laid up on bed sleeping and entertaining myself. The important thing is to do it without force and without violence that I must do it. I want to, and I know it will be hard.

Element Beginners Yoga

My latest home class has been courtesy of the Element Beginners Yoga DVD, led by Elena Brower. I normally resist these ‘keep moving at all times’ dynamic style classes because I’ve found it hard to keep connected to the breath and body while switching from pose to pose to pose. This one is different. Yes, it raises energy but in a careful manner, and enough small pauses and quietening poses to balance it out.

The instructor is like some kind of Italian goddess, looking tall, strong, elegant. I love the way she reminds me to smile often throughout the 50 minutes routine. I’m not sure of the style of yoga, what it’s called or the lineage, nor do I care, as long as it feels good. I’ve been really loving the ‘return to the land of the living’