London Underground

Whilst undergoing something of a detox weekend after a holiday in Sweden (rich foods, wine and whisky) I’ve been watching some TV and films. BBC4 had a ‘Tube’ night about the London Underground. I’ve always been part-time fascinated by the underground and it history (the oldest in the world and the first to go electric). The styling of the stations and graphic design, along with the map is unique and interesting. Here is a video extract about the tube map by Harry Beck, from BBC’s Design Classics. One downfall of forsaking geographical accuracy: those who don’t know London will take the tube from eg Queensway to Bayswater, taking at least 10 minutes whereas on foot it takes a minute!


John Lennon Animated Interview

I love these kind of animations, juxtaposing image with word. I’ll make some of my own sometime, with photos. For now, here’s a great one, with wise words from Mr Lennon (who I haven’t really paid attention to for about ten years, but this really makes sense… except perhaps the peace idealism, but he’s on the right track)