April Snow

Feeling meaningless today and kinda mean, not so keen. Took a while to
wake up, which I did out in the snow because it had snowed in the night
and the thing to do when there is snow is go outside and walk about and
play with it a bit. Which we did. It took about 20 minutes in the cold
to wake up enough to enjoy it. This was after trying to roll snowballs
which didn’t work so well because the snow wouldn’t stick to itself.
Although it was crunchy underfoot, that satisfying grinding snow sound,
it was too powdery to stick to its own ball(s). Farid was out on the
south lawn making some kind of snow crop circles into a mountain. I put
what ball I had on top of his mountain. Jerome was on his way to work
and Dagmar was making huge bubbles out of her window on the first floor
of the school. Then I was awake more and we walked around the grove. I
liked pulling branches back making them lose some snow and making
snowfall again. Rabbit tracks in the snow and cold looking spring
flowers. Then, back home, I showered with one of the new shower
smoothies and went back to bed and slept till lunchtime. By then it was
a proper spring day and the snow was 3/4 melted, dripping off the trees
as I walked to the school. I sat outside with Christophe and Francisco
who talked about LPG engines. After, Christophe told me border
crossings go much smoother if you drive an estate. Sensible,
trustworthy people drive estates. In the afternoon I don’t know what I
did. Felt meaningless and did meaningless things on the internet I
guess. Oh, uploaded some photos to flickr. Watched the video in the
last post which gave a little meaning, took an afternoon walk round the
Inwoods loop and then listened to the first half of Russell Brand’s
show from last night. Funny and probably offensive bit about ‘tit
milk’. Right now we are about to watch 2 Days in Paris. Except Caroline
is putting out her homemade lanterns first.


Hawkley, Winchester, Prairie Walk

In a cold north wind, warmer in sheltered valleys, we walked a loop
from the top of Ashford Hangers to Hawkley. This is an area just north
of Petersfield in Hampshire, north of ‘Little Switzerland’. There’s a couple of little streams, clear
waters, at the foot of the hill, then the path rises to the village,
with its church and small village green. Very old yew trees.


On the way back, the climb up
the back of the Hangers was good and steep, working our legs and lungs
hard. Some 4x4s had channelled deep tire ravines into the chalk clay.
There were great views over to East Hampshire and to the south from the

After lunch we went to Winchester to get some stuff – bird feed (mainly
for the duck couple who now live in our garden.) She is heavily
pregnant and very hungry. She is very beautiful, a lighter brown than
the usual, and I’ve fallen in love with her. Another female comes by
too, with her 10 or so ducklings. And there is another set of them at
Number 1, one a bright yellow like a chicken chick. C got wire for her
homemade candle lanterns and I got my hair cut. I’m going to a more
expensive barber next time; the cheap ones (not so cheap at ¬£9) don’t
really listen to what you want. At Tesco we got shower smoothies and
bath foams and yoghurt soda bread that it’s hard not to eat in one day.

This evening we watched Prairie Home Companion. I didn’t realise it was
a real show until I looked it up later. It had some charm, but was
mainly inconsequential. Woody Harrelson is very watchable. I am
watching Empire Magazine’s top 25
of 2007. That was number 24. 25 was Venus with Peter O’Toole, that had
a lot more depth. But both basically luvvie movies. I guess critics
like Industry movies, and as such Ratatouille got higher reviews than
it would have done had it not featured a critic.

Dru Yoga Wake up and Sun Saluation this morning on waking. I feel an
energy building up. The temptation is to try to do something about it, but what
happens if you let it run its course?