Buck 65, Wedgewood Rooms, Southsea

I feel for the support acts. No one is listening, their music and
lyrics competing against the din of conversation of a couple of hundred
people. Maybe this is normal these days. The first guy, Theory, is
obviously influenced by Buck 65 but has a harder (London?) edge. Then
two guys from Canada, Jon & Roy
who were pretty good. Some reggae grooves later, joined by a bass
player. Reminded me of Flight of the Conchords a bit. Without the

The unexpected but intentional comedy came from Buck 65 himself.
Infinitely watchable, his act was full of funny marches, twitchy dance
moves, expressions, snippets of Fine Young Cannibals, glitter from
pocket. But he’s pretty straight up, rugged. It’s just him, his MacBook
Pro, turntable, used towards the end of each track for a short scratch,
and railroad baseball cap.

No straight trawl through the latest album, Situation,
he covered many older tracks, starting with Indestructible Sam, an
acapella Wicked and Weird, and my favourite, Roses and Blue Jays. Songs
interspersed with bits of singing, improvised raps, Run-DMC lyrics.
Crisp music and clear lyrics in a small venue of enthusiastic fans.
He’s a real poet, so many great lyrics, on point delivery, backed by a
hip-hop from when it was good.

As surprise announcement that a new album is ready, releasing this summer. Hell, Situation only dropped a few months ago


Daydreamy Habits

I am playing with a few different videos I downloaded. Today, a half hour session from SpiritWithin studios, from 2001. Like most of these recordings, it seems kind of rushed. I am just getting into feeling the pose when she moves on to the next. Maybe if you follow it a few times you get into the same flow as the teacher. This highlights the obvious need to go at one’s own pace. Except, sometimes it is good to go with another’s pace, to see what that’s like, to break with your daydreamy habits. I am going to try all the videos I’ve downloaded, just to explore. The best so far is the Basic Yoga for Dummies. A really gentle pace (apart from the end relaxation) and simple instructions. Yesterday, I came across Dru Yoga. I have ordered their DVD, with sequences for morning, noon and evening. Yoga isn’t to be ghettoised into a slot in the morning then forgotten about.

We're all in this together

Hello shoulders, stubborn and strong
Hello pelvis, a weeping
Hello jaw, critically tight
Hello forehead, stern and wise
Hello legs, taking me there
Hello arms, paddling out, telling
Hello eyes, watching it all
Hello heart, the centre, the love
Hello brain, whatcha up to?
Can you all take a rest, while doing your thing?
It’s all right.

To Continue

Whatever might be happening, I am carrying on with the ‘practice’. I am not sure what practice means, but it’s not just a fair weather thing, sitting still, relaxing, yoga stretches. Today very stiff and tight after yesterday’s hour and a half surfing then later a kilometer swim. I wanted to wallow in tiredness and lie in but so glad to gently stretch and then spend some time relaxing. I want to keep moving though, because of what’s happening in my life – breaking up is hard to do. It’s not breaking up – there’s nothing to break. So, to continue. We don’t know where.

Enabling Yoga

There was someone I was to meet. I’d arrived at an apartment, up in the
hills, expensive. A family next door had a little house and each of the
bedrooms were another cabin, nestled in the hillside. I never met the
person but it felt great to be there. There were many others and they
all knew what to do. Even though I didn’t know what to do I felt
welcome. I never met who I was to meet.

What changed with my yoga routine?

  • Shower in the evening – means I don’t have to get up so early.
  • Eat breakfast at work while reading the morning emails – means I
    can get up at ten to seven and still have a 50 min stretch and a 40 min
  • Find a book/video that isn’t too progressive, is nurturing and safe – I use Basic Yoga For Dummies.
  • Feel safe, that nothing is going to happen
  • Feel that you fundamentally want to do this, and enjoy it.

On Edge

Once I begin to explore relaxation I am so surprised to realise how on edge I operate most of the time. I’m tense, nervous, thinking all the time, worried what might happen next, what might leap out at me, inside or outside my body. I think this is pretty normal. What I can say is it is pretty usual. The evidence is all around. Added to our own tensions we stimulate ourselves to get through the day. So many coffee shops! Where did they all come from? Is it because we don’t smoke so much any more we use coffee instead? And once day is done, have some alcohol. What are we avoiding? I don’t know. I don’t think I can know but I feel the urge to move move move, to stay on edge. You never know what might happen.