30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 14

Such a good one today: the Calcium Booster. It contained: oranges, banana, kale, tahini and almond milk. I didn’t have the last two ingredients, so substituted almond butter and rice milk. Nut butter in a smoothie is a revelation! Highly recommended, especially if you want the full feeling to last a while or need a bit of a calorific boost. It also looked a treat:

Calcium booster kale smoothie

So, I’m two weeks in, going strong. It doesn’t feel like a ‘challenge’ at all and I look forward to breakfast every day. Even in the cold winter, I don’t fancy anything else for breakfast. A reminder that I’m following the challenge from the Young and Raw app, which seems to vary from the one on their website, for some reason. It’s giving me a lot of ideas from when the challenge is over, and I’ll probably settle into a dozen or so of my favourites.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 13

Today’s smoothie was the Strawberry Creamsicle. I’m not sure what a creamsicle is but the ingredients for the smoothie are: strawberries, orange, celery, cucumber, hemp seeds and coconut milk. I didn’t have any strawberries so I used frozen raspberries. I didn’t have any coconut milk so I used (again, vegans look the other way) organic whole milk and a little coconut water. So mine was much changed from what it should be. I didn’t taste the raspberries beforehand but I suspect they were rather weak in flavour, as the smoothie lack punch, kind of watery despite the milk. Well, it was okay, just not great. It looked smashing though: Raspberry smoothie This was at 10am as I’d been up at 0245 to give C a lift to Heathrow. Here’s my facebook status once I got back in around 0600: Up before three, drive into the morning over and around fallen wood, no one on the road until the bread lorries of the motorway. Hovis. Taking the racing line, the road is mine, to the shining airport. A fond, loving farewell after check-in, tears my side, nearly always my side. Then back three hours after leaving, the homes still sleeping and the greengrocer in town setting up for his Saturday as I drift gently back to sleep.

Later I went into Winchester on the bus, having walked into town from Old Alresford. I used my Narrative Clip and here’s a selection. I’m not sure I’m going to keep that gadget long. As for the NutriBullet, for sure I’m keeping it as it’s doing me the world of good. 2015 I intend to spend my money only on those things that allow for wellness.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 12

Behold the Apple Pie Smoothie:

Apple Pie Smoothie


It tasted as good as it looks and sounds. Apple, banana, kale, cinnamon, ginger and almond milk. Vegans look away now: I replaced the almond milk with organic whole cows milk. It made a really filling and nutritious breakfast, boosting my levels of acetylcholine and flavonoids.

A bit of a hangover day from the Christmas foods, but the usual familiar sluggish feeling has been kept at arms length by these healthy smoothie breakfasts.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 11

The Christmas Day smoothie was the mighty Kiwi Omega Booster, which consisted of a delicious blend of, yes, kiwi, with spinach, cucumber, coriander (forgot to put it in) and hemp seeds (making the other part of the name). It was very good, may have been even better with the coriander.

Kiwi Omega Booster

So, not so very Christmassy but a very good way to start the day, having been up until 0200 for the midnight mass, and also to cure the headache from my first caffeine a few years, one cup of green tea. Was truly buzzing on that in the church last night. While waiting for the service I meditated for a while. The vibes were pretty good. Interesting to observe the Christian rituals of my youth once again. The best bits were the singing and the sermon, during which distance and division between me and the vicar seemed to vanish and there was a pure listening. The petitioning prayers I think we can all do without. We may go again.

The actinidain in the kiwi will help my body digest protein molecules. Good because I have been having more than usual, given the Christmas fare.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 10

The Tropical Vitamin Booster was great! Pineapple, mango, lettuce, lime. I didn’t need to add any liquid thanks to the juicy fruits and I like my smoothies thick.

Tropical Vitamin Booster Smoothie

I had to take my time drinking it, so rich it was. Usually I take about 45 minutes. Today I took it with me when we went to get a few last minute Christmas things in town, and wandered round The Long Barn shop sipping it through my straw. The small town Christmas feeling was homely and spirits high, and we got a good walk from where we parked. Swedish style, we had our Christmas dinner today, on Christmas eve, and opened a present each, the rest will be British style in the morning. Tonight we’re going to midnight mass at Portchester Castle’s church, near my brother’s.

Merry Christmas everyone! Peace.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 9

Not much to report today but for a super yummy Blackberry Antioxidant Rescue smoothie. This beauty contained blackberries (replaced by mixed summer fruits, frozen), orange, spinach, coriander and ginger. I’ve been having my smoothies quite thick after Day 2’s too-diluted attempt but today I needed to add some water as it got too gooey in the blender and wouldn’t reach down to the blades. A few dashes of coconut water did the trick.

Antioxidant smoothie

Just look at the colour. Just look at it.

After a week and a bit, and with the Strala yoga, my skin seems to look more alive, almost as if I have a tan, and my eyes and teeth whiter. The whites of my eyes that is, white anywhere else in the eyes would just be weird.

Apparently today’s breakfast was rich in anthocyanin and rutin. Way to go!

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 8

Green Pear Fibre Booster. Well, I’m not sure my fibre needed boosting! It was the greenest smoothie yet, with pears, lettuce, parsley and hemp seed. Except I forgot the hemp seed. (Had some in my made-up smoothie tonight instead, same as last night’s.) The GPFB was pretty good. I ‘don’t like’ pears, one of those fruits I’ve pretty much ignored after tasting one when young. (Except in pear drops!) It’s like the parsnip to the potato, the pear to the apple, not as good so what’s the point? That’s how I used to think and there it stuck – noticed how that happens? So I plunged right in. Not bad! A bit gritty like I remember pears to be, but a full, pleasant flavour.

Green pear fibre booster smoothieNotice the straw? It’s my new stainless steel one. Not as nice on the teeth as plastic but I didn’t like throwing one away each day.

So, into the Christmas period we go! I’ll continue with the breakfast smoothies throughout. We need to get our Xmas food in and so have opted for late tomorrow evening. I’m hoping for decent stock and far less people. By all accounts it’s hell out there.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 7

Today’s smoothie was the first one I didn’t really like: peach, rocket, celery, ginger – the so-called Peach Perfect Ginger Delight. Too rockety and celery-y and odd with the peach. But this evening I made one up: spinach, peach, banana, grapefruit juice, cashews and hemp seeds. This one was marvellous. Anyway, here’s this morning’s delight:

Peach Perfect Ginger Delight

Tried the Strala RELAX yoga video for the first time tonight, a mellower variation on the lunges sequence theme. I like the encouragement to keep it soft and to experiment, making a non-rigid practice. During meditation afterwards I was able to include and accept distractive thought loops instead of dismiss them as ‘wrong’ when they finish. This made a big difference. Meditation seems like unlearning a sense of right and wrong, as far as the inner world is concerned.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 6

Today’s smoothie: Healthy Orange Julius. Ingredients: Orange, spinach, banana, lime, almond milk. So good! Really zingy and enlivening. I had to look up what an Orange Julius is and apparently it’s a US chain selling less healthy versions of a similar drink. Drank it in the car on the way for a winter walk on Harting Down:

During the walk I tested my new Narrative Clip (used to be called Memoto but they ran into trouble with Motorola). You wear the tiny camera and it takes a photo every 30 seconds. The above was taken this way and here’s a few more from the South Downs:

IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 5






Today’s smoothie: Banana Berry Energy. Ingredients: Blueberries, lettuce, banana, cucumber and coriander.

smoothie day 5

As time went on, during the drive to Alton station it browned and began to look unappetisingly like mushroom soup. But still tasted lovely. Fresh and light but packed. A bit of a test – the other mornings I’ve just been working in the office, smoothie-powered but today I was out and about, which always makes me a bit hungrier. But I rode on through to lunchtime, no problem. Had a winter vegetable soup for lunch: swede, potato, kale, onions. Stocked up for the next five days, taking us towards Christmas. I wonder what Christmas Day’s smoothie present will be. The app is pretty good, grouping ingredients by type and you can tick them off the list as you go, and it means I don’t have to look at the individual smoothies ahead of time and so get a nice surprise.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 4

Today’s smoothie was the Mango Mint Digestion Soother: Mango, celery, mint, ginger. Rather strange combo I’d never have dreamt up. It was the most vegetably of the smoothies so far, because of the strong taste of the celery shining through the delicious mango. Could add more mint next time, and the ginger gives a nice kick.

Mango Mint Digestion Soother Smoothie

Felt very good today, detoxy feeling over, expansive rather than shrunken. I took a cold blast at the end of my shower which really helps to warm up, ironically, and wake up for work. I didn’t get the cold I thought I might, but the slight sore throat continues.

Back to normal levels of thirst today, I guess being back to full hydration. I didn’t get hungry before lunch. Again the clear headed focus all morning.

Went to see the new Hobbit film in the afternoon. It was pretty good but the hour long battle (more?) made me very tense and wasn’t satisfying – some orcs killed with a stone, some worse than end of level bosses. Kind of glad it’s all over. I felt obliged to see it rather than really really wanting to.

Tomorrow I’ll stock up for the next round of five days blending.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 3

Today’s was the Banana Soother: banana, pok choy, parsley, hemp seeds and ginger.

Banana Soother Smoothie

I’m really enjoying these smoothie breakfasts, and makes a real change from my usual Dove’s cornflakes, granola and grapefruit juice. Today’s was quite large, so I made it in two batches (one of which you see above), one an hour later than the first. The luxury of having a flat upstairs from where I work! Really tasty today, satisfying and nutritious. This evening before supper I had another Green Dream Pineapple, like day one’s, as there was some pineapple left over.

Thirst is back to normal – around 4 litres today of water today – and digestion has settled – only one number two. Meditation and yoga felt very smooth and centred this evening. But over all I felt kind of shrunken and weak, detoxy.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 2

Another Big Thirst day. I’ve had over five litres of water and it’s still only early evening.

Today’s smoothie was a Berry Blast which is blueberries, cucumber, ginger, almond milk and strawberries. I used frozen mixed berries instead of weird winter strawberries. So, I learnt not to use the NutriBullet when a bit sleepy and trying to show someone how easy it is. I didn’t quite tighten it enough and some deep wine smoothie leaked out into the top of the blender. Mop up time. Used tissues to reach under the transparent spinny thing. One of the white edge pieces inside the blender is now stained as the juice got behind it. Moving on… the smoothie was good again, perhaps not as nice as yesterday’s Green Dream, as it had a slight ‘watered down fruit’ quality to it. But it looked like something else:

Berry Blast Smoothie

Look at that colour!

Again two number twos instead of the usual one number two. And I may be coming down with a cold, C having brought one back from Sweden. I’ll see if the nutrient and vitamin-rich breakfast smoothies can help my immune system ward it off. The runny nose comes and goes. Again clear-headed and light all morning. I got a little hungry in the last hour before lunch, probably because this was only around 200 calories.

30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 1

My NutriBullet arrived while I was away at the weekend. Saturday afternoon I went shopping for the first five days’ supply of wholesome fruits and veggies, buying organic where I could. The only thing I didn’t get were strawberries, it being winter, so I have some frozen mixed berries instead. Last night I washed up the blender cups and blades ahead of this morning’s first use. What fun! Pile in the ingredients, fill with water up to the max line, screw on the blade base, insert onto the blender and off it whirls. Less than a minute and it looked ready, and it was true, all the produce was no longer produce but blended into… well a very smoothie:

Smoothie challenge day 1

I’m following the 30 day challenge from the app, which seems to be a bit different than the one on the Young and Raw site. The basic idea is to have a nutrient-packed smoothie for breakfast instead of one’s usual brekkie. Today’s ingredients: Pineapple, lettuce, coriander and lime. There was a little too much of it to fit in the NutriBullet large cup, so I had to do it in a couple of blends, hence way above the max line in the photo. Apparently, blend too much at once and it can leak – I guess it forces the liquid out through the blade axel on the base. I then just took it to work in the same cup, with a straw. Which was too narrow. Have ordered a stainless steel smoothie straw for a couple of quid.

It easily kept me going until lunch and I felt lively and clear headed. Some pleasant tingles inside my skull at first. I sipped it during a half hour or so, It affected my digestion and I needed two number twos instead of the usual post-breakfast one. Later I had a few brief crampy pains in my bowels. I was also soon very thirsty and have had about five litres of water today. Late this afternoon I felt a sharp headache. Not too strong but like something was different, as I don’t normally get obvious headaches. Nothing too off-putting and I look forward to tomorrows.

Downloaded Strala’s GENTLE class to compliment the BASIC class I was doing last week. A combination of the two should work well. It’s so good to stretch after being in the office much of the day, and also to remember to do some stretches during the work day.

Tired this evening and I’m sure I’ll sleep well.

A Pointless Experience

From St Pancras, I took the Thames Link to Elstree. A 10 minute walk through the town centre – or was it Borehamwood’s centre? – led me to the famous Elstree TV and film studios where a small queue had already formed. After a short while the gate was opened and we were led into a function room (think wedding discos) and allocated sequence numbers for studio entry.

Pointless priority ticket

We waited about 45 mins before we went into the studio itself, grouped by our priority numbers and managed by the floor manager (I suppose he was). Once leaving the back of the function room, a short corridor with life size models of R2D2 and C3PO led us to the semi-outdoors, with many portacabins and other buildings housing recording equipment, in between bigger studio buildings. I had a big excited smile in anticipation, having been really enjoying the show for the past few months.

And then we were inside quite a small studio. It’s less flashy than on TV, almost looking lacklustre and even a bit grubby. I noticed many contrasts with how it looks on the telly, especially the big pixels of the countdown stack thing, the black floor vinyl that looks so much liquid, and the lingering dry ice for the backdrop lighting. Also everyone looked less glamorous than on camera; the lighting and the angles set up for the cameras not the audience.

Pointless studio lighting

I was seated in the front row, about 6 meters from Richard’s desk and a couple more from Alexander’s podium thing. We were told explicitly No Photography or recording but I couldn’t resist a few surreptitious shots taken from my lap before filming began. Views from the front row:

Pointless studio contestant podiums

Pointless studio

A warm up guy got us laughing and livened up, and led us through different levels of applause: 30% polite applause, 70% more enthusiastic, 100% full on clapping, whooping and yeahs. Also fun was the audience sounds for the countdown ticking down towards pointless. The front rows had to be in a lower key than the back rows: oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOh! – into applause when it stopped. You can hear this oooh on TV but low in the mix.

The warm up guy then introduced Alexander Armstrong who came on to big applause, then same too for Richard. This wasn’t the start of the show, more like acknowledging their arrival in the studio, but they both said some words of welcome to us, including that it was their 800-and-something episode. Then they prepared their things – mic adjustments, while other technicians made final adjustments. I saw an oversized Pointless trophy and wondered what that was, along with a Blankety Blank chequebook & pen and a Countdown clock. It was announced that it would be a Pointless Celebrity filming and the contestants were named: Nina Myskow & Giles Brandreth; Matthew Kelly & Henry Kelly; Des O’Connor & Jenny Powell; and Nick Hancock and Ulrika Johnson. The guest theme was game shows.

There was some more, quite dry, jokey warmups and quite soon after the celebs were in the studio, the show began. The theme tune played and A & R tapped along on their podium and desk. I was surprised to hear it, but I guess it was just for us in the studio, to provide more atmosphere and familiarity. I could feel the nerves in the room, but it faded as the hosts and contestants got into their stride. Well, except for the 200-club entry in the first round.

Recording proceeded much like on TV but took a couple of hours in total – there’s much more celebrity chat than you actually see, more time to think about answers, and a delay before the countdown begins and sometimes a delay before a wrong answer indication. There were also pauses in between the rounds, while the warm up guy a bit half heartedly kept people amused and those on set had their make up touched up and quiet conversations and catch-ups took place. A & R talked to the producer, I guess. Also sometimes A had to do little continuity pickups to be edited in.

Near the end, we did to audience shots to be patched in as needed. So when you see the audience on TV, that’s not actually in response to what’s just happened, it’s filmed separately. But all the audio is actual, probably faded down or up accordingly.

It was much harder to get into the actual consequences of the game while there live, like the actual quiz didn’t really matter and everyone was just having a bit of a laugh making the show. Richard mainly took the piss, but cleverly and with warmth. Alexander was more nervous than he comes across on TV but he has a smooth assuredness about him. They have to cut so much out! More I suspect with the celebrity shows as there’s a lot of mickey taking, as is the British way. Richard enjoyed giving out a prize to the winners of each round, mascots from other quiz shows that I’d seen earlier. During each round he hid them behind his laptop. The laptop is not on, by the way, it’s just a prop.

Then at around 19:45 it was all over and we were ushered out. Alexander said thank you to us all. I asked a studio manager if that was it for the day for them, any more episodes? All done, he said. They are currently filming a sequence of Celebrity versions for 2015, apparently. Readying the set for the next episode:

Pointless BBC studio

Sorry about the blurry photos, I had to be quick and sneaky. I was spotted at one point but they let it go.

A fun and interesting experience, probably pointless. And free!

10 November 2014

Woke after a restful night, with dreams that even had some pleasant elements to them, gently waking up for the daylight alarm at 07:00. Showered and shaved and on November Day 10 I’m looking like this:

Photo on 10-11-2014 at 08.34 #2

Sat for one hour. I sat for one hour! First time in ages. Had a yearning. Yoga Nidra, however restful just wasn’t quite hitting the spot. Hitting the spot meaning connecting with what’s actually going on in the body and brain. Early on it seemed like touching an area or muscle linked to a recent image on TV or online, like the mid back brought zapping back images of an American Football clip I saw yesterday, the one where he throws the ball down just before the touchdown line. This continued for around half an hour, images rising and dissipating. One time a few years ago I seemed to find the source of all images in the mind, a dense repository of media and when I ‘went there’ out the tumbled, shot, volcanoed, a bombarding torrent of seemingly everything I’d seen on TV or film flying at me, through me.

Work this morning, continuing highlighting question and answer extracts in transcripts so that a volunteer can edit the audio to match. I enjoy it, and it gives me a lot of tweets for the K-quotes account I set up a few years back. Used a scheduler for the first time so all the tweets aren’t piled together. Also means I can spread some over my day off tomorrow.

Lunch and I felt like staying in the dining hall for once. Not too busy. Sat with R from the bookshop and we mostly talked shop, if wide-perspective shop. After lunch picked up my surfboard that came back from the trip in a different car, to avoid the use of soft racks. Checked out the wood stores to see if there’s enough for me to take or buy some. Also got the contact details for a local supplier. Then at home, a bit of planning for tomorrow’s London trip – checking with the banks I need to visit, then the route to Elstree studios. Yes, tomorrow I’m going inside the TV!

PM work assisting the volunteer scanning photos. We’ve been at it for 5 years or more – photos, manuscripts and articles. Also verifying a school discussion, Krishnamurti trying to get the high school kids engaged.

Home and Desikachar yoga then sat in meditation for half an hour or so, seemingly getting closer and closer to myself and then finding it difficult to distinguish between myself and how the body felt. Perhaps there is no difference and this is the relationship between mind a body – a knot in the shoulder could be a knot in the mind, and vice versa, or just a single knot.

Supper and Pointless Celebrities.

8 November 2014

Finally got up about 09:00, straight to breakfast and then painting. The skirting boards in kitchen and lounge, and the lounge cupboard doors. Soup for lunch then a snooze. Afterwards, fitted the double glazing film to the bedroom and bathroom windows, leaving the small window in each so that we can open at least a bit. Completely killed the draught and no condensation. We finally had everything tidied away again by about 19:00.

In between installed Yosemite. Hopefully it will fix the sleep/wake issues I’m still getting despite replacing the MacBook Pro.

Really liking having a log stove, at least while on weekends here. Reminds me of our old lounge when I grew up – the smell, the little fire maintenance tasks, the unique heat they give. Put some chimney clearing powder stuff on which we found behind the stove. Woo, blue flames! Bought some glass cleaner online.

Watched a little Gardners’ World – I like Monty’s dog, Nigel, best – and then some online videos, and then a little more of the Lego Movie.

Tired all day, catching up from the surf trip.

7 November 2014

Movember Day 7. Entering new length territory, albeit with some patchiness.

Movember Day 7


Vaguely aware of C’s sunlight alarm at 06:00, but was pretty much asleep until 07:30. Yoga nidra, and was falling asleep by the end and wanting to snooze into the morning. But I had an appointment in Winchester for 10:00. After a wash and breakfast we drove from Old Alresford, surprised how quickly one can get to the city. After the appointment, looked for hiking socks but only Rohan survives – Blacks and Millets gone. Found a really nice coat  that I’ll maybe get for xmas or maybe buy before then.

Came back via the Worthys to buy log bags ahead of getting a big order or collecting some from Brockwood. Really good garden centre/farm shop called The Good Life. Had a fire with some of the ash wood tonight – what a treat a log burner is! So adjustable yet all the fire building fun of an open fire.

Lunch of a mushroom pie I’d bought from a pie shop in a trailer in Winchester, then a snooze (of course). Painting time! C did the back door and I did the end window of the lounge, or the walls around it. Supper and Pointless on iPlayer through the Wii. Hard to believe I’ll be in that same studio come Tuesday! In the audience, not competing – at least not yet…

Looking at Devon hotels for the Birthday trip gift we didn’t take this year. Decided on Jan/Feb rather than this year.

Due to grooves in the memory foam mattress and it being too sinky now, we decided to turn it over and use the reflex foam side. Far preferable so far! Reading the quaint Alresford Forum magazine before writing this. It looks as if they still don’t use a desktop publisher, but make prints for each add and arrange them on the page. All manner of little clubs, societies and groups.

5 November 2014

Back from Croyde after a very smooth drive home, fireworks going off in towns along the A361, M5, A303 and A34. Good to drive my car proper distances, 350 miles in all. R was marking history papers on and off and we had good music playing. The miles fell away and nearly three hours before we first stopped, near Andover. The 2003 Bora tdi got 55 mpg at national speed limits.

Found my joy of surfing once again when I bought a bodyboard. Before that, when playing on the inside, shooting along the waves without standing, things are quicker there, more vital, the water inches from the face. So after a couple of years deliberating (am I giving up?) I bought a new board, a grey topped yellow Science Mini Rig, not so mini at 42.5 cm. from Tiki in Braunton. Viper fins were the ones that fitted me best. Tiki leash (free) and socks for now. Strange to see a screwdriver piercing the soft flesh of a brand new ride. Also got a Tiki travel bag which they gave a big discount on. Sorted.

Back at the break soon after and it was a world of difference. No longer caught inside Croyde’s relentless white walls, a few rudimentary duck dives, some strong kicking and there I was out back on a five foot day, surprising R with my presence.

I had to wait around a bit for some fin cramp to release, helped by slipping them off and back on, and then I was in action. The steep faces of the waves no longer daunting, a few quick kicks and I was scooting diagonally down at great speed, surprised again to be skimming over the surface rather than part immersed in a boiling cauldron of white. Instinctively I leaned into the face instead of flying too far in front. Then, having too much fun, I forgot to let go to get back behind the wave, and pushed into the shallows, carried so fast, almost sideways.

On that one wave the surf trip was transformed. I flopped about in the small waves a silly grin on my face and belly giggling. More! It was toward sunset at the end of our Tuesday/Wednesday weekend though, so only time for a few more fast ones, but content to leave it there, the spark reignited, the bug recaught. It felt good on that Mike Stewart board, submerged in the mighty ocean, the end of the day glow between Lundy and Hartland.

I’ve heard of skiing to your door but this was surfing to our door, the high tide only meters from the steps to the Atlantic apartment. When not surfing we’d enjoyed the direct views across the beach, the famous Croyde Bay. We also had a front row seat to the annual removal of the lifeguard hut:

Croyde Lifeguard hut dismantled

And of course after each session the hot tub and sauna! Such a treat to be able to warm the body through to the bones and relax in that post surf glow, soon to be joined by friends. We can’t afford the flats high season but in the off-season there’s no place better. Ridiculous views from that jacuzzi, world class.

So the Science is rinsed, the wetsuit washed and dripping dripping into the bath, and my body feels good after the all over workout that is surfing. I’ll be keeping my magic carpet board for the smaller days but I now feel like a bodyboarder.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Was awake in the night quite a bit. These days when this happens, I usually listen to music while scanning the body over and over for sensation. It means I’m relaxed and doing good work, even if not asleep. By the time to get up, though, I’m usually in a deep sleep cycle and it takes until 0930 or so to be fully awake.
At 8-something I commuted to work from Old Alresford; a nice drive over Bramdean Common then over towards Woodlands before cutting across the A272 and up the hill to Brockwood, for a shower then to the office.
Preparing more texts of questions within talks so that audio extracts can be created by a volunteer. Wondering how to get a valuation on our archives collection.
Lunch: pasta with mushrooms. Kale side, with parsnips.
Verifying a direct recording in the afternoon.
Worked on the UK bank accounts, a second job, after work. Got my first payment through, which helped with the new fridge freezer I bought for C.
Pointless: start of new series. Always a fun and interesting watch, and I like to play along, and wonder how I’d do in the studio. I’ve applied to be in the audience, which will happen w/c 10 November, if it does.
Supper: Potatoes, beans, cheese – the usual.
Briefly planning leaving arrangements for the surf trip tomorrow. Going in two cars instead of the usual one, as F is staying longer than the rest of us. This time tomorrow – before – I’ll be in Croyde, Devon. And the temperature will have dropped from 20C a few days ago, to 11C…
Film night with J and S. Watched Blue Ruin, an above average indie revenge movie. Unpredictable, especially not knowing how capable the ‘hero’ is. Captivating while it lasted. At one point it was like a Home Alone for adults. Then the usual post movie discussion. I just read that it was funded by Kickstarter.

Movember Day 2. Nothing much to report. I suppose for the proper experience I should shave my chin to highlight the moustache already. For sure when I get back from surfing.