The Trees of Brockwood – The Grand Oak (365/365)

The last photo of January and the last photo in my photographic year. We are back where we started, in the Brockwood parkland. It’s been an interesting challenge to use my camera every day. It made me look around a lot more, looking at the details as well as the grand sweeps and vistas, as I went about daily life and out on hikes and trips. I hope you’ve enjoyed the views!

19 Jan 2011

Having completely not gone to my dentist check-up last week, I rebooked. In my mind, today’s the 12:50 appointment meant 13:50. So there I am outside a closed-for-lunch dentists, feeling sheepish. Then I thought, hey, I get £200 a year dental allowance, why am I going to this cheap-ass NHS dentist who rush me through a check-up and hygiene session in 10 minutes, with a dentist that changes every other year? So I’m looking around for a new one, and will probably go for one in Alresford.

C didn’t pass the driving test. She drove away from a zebra crossing while the pedestrians were still finishing crossing (over in the other lane). So while it wasn’t dangerous, it was breaking the law. The repeat test is in four weeks. But she had a good day for it, after all the rain. We had a deep frost followed by sun and a glowing sunset. Here’s the tower at around 08:20 this morning:

After my failed dental appointment I ate lunch in the Cathedral grounds. Leaning against the wall of an adjacent building, the sun-warmed bricks oozed into my back, while I sunbathed and ate. It felt like spring.

I’m not saying there is nothing in astrology but I don’t think there’s much wisdom in the ready horoscopes you get in papers and online. Perhaps as proof, here’s a graphic of analysis of 4000 ‘scopes. The grey words are common to all, the red words unique to a star sign:

…and this is a horoscope made from the 4000 samples:

…basically, feel-good common sense then.

Took a bath after work and read The Word Magazine. But what I really needed to do was rest my eyes from all the looking looking looking. C has a timer on her Mac for this – I need one for my PC at work to take a rest every hour, and micro-rests every ten minutes.