Where are we?

Driving along the road. How come this is even happening? Sure, I understand evolution, of us and of technology. So me driving a car is happening. But what’s it happening in? What is this world? I know what it is made of, but what is it inside of; where is it? What is this universe? Inquiry into time, space, matter is the only answer. But to do that in science you have to become a specialist and because it is so advanced, become esoteric. What about us, the non-specialists? Can we find out what is going on? The answers must be wider than those the specialists give – the philosopher, the scientist, the man of religion. I start with the fact that this mind, this brain within this skull, is of this universe, is of this mystery, is these things. Time and space are within us as matter and we are of it. So we can touch it, or are being touched. I feel this is the only way into the mystery of existence.

There is evil in the world to which we are contributing, as we contribute to the good. Man seems to unite more in hate than in good. A wise man realises the cause of evil and good, and through understanding frees thought-feeling from it.

- Krishnamurti

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